Considering that only 33% of people trust traditional advertising, event marketers should explore alternative strategies to drive new registrations. Snöball specializes in increasing event attendance by leveraging the networks of speakers, attendees, and exhibitors. Snöball’s word-of-mouth marketing platform enables event organizers to not only attract more attendees but also ensure that these individuals align with their target audience.

Let’s compare the results of word-of-mouth marketing using Snöball with major advertising platforms like Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads. 

For an in-person, paid event with a capacity of 3,500 attendees, an average Snöball campaign would attract approximately 296 paid registrants (actual paid registrants not clicks, or leads) over an eight-week campaign period and cost an average of $6,500. 

Considering ticket prices, the revenue generated from these registrations would be:

  • $100 ticket price x 296 = $29,600 ($23,100 expected added revenue using Snöball).
  • $250 ticket price x 296 = $74,000 (expected added revenue using Snöball).

We can then compare this data to Google Ads and Linkedin. 

 If you wanted 296 conversions on Google Ads, this would cost between $16,609-44,009.

If you wanted 296 leads (not even conversions) in the North America region on LinkedIn Ads, this would cost around $68,080.

As you can see, for adding more butts in seats at your events, word-of-mouth marketing is a lot more powerful and has a far higher ROI than paid advertising. In addition, the quality of registrants is a lot higher than advertising platforms as registrants referred to your events are pre-qualified and your ideal registrants profile. 

We recently sat down with Matthew Butter, Ansys to discuss how he markets his events with Snöball’s word-of-mouth marketing to attract the right ICP’s to Ansys’ events, from event. Watch the webinar here.

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