NOVEMBER 11, 2020 – MONTREAL, CANADA – techsytalk GLOBAL has announced their official partnership with Snӧball Event Influencer Marketing to bring next generation marketing technology to the techsytalk GLOBAL audience. The Snӧball marketing platform delivers an complete suite of personalized marketing content designed to activate event participants and expand event attendance. 

“We are so thrilled to partner with Snӧball to promote our techsytalk GLOBAL virtual conference. Influencer marketing has been a focus of ours for quite some time, but is even more important in a digital-first environment when so many events are competing for attention. Marketing from an influencer you trust always catches attention and Snӧball facilitates that in a way that can’t be replicated!” – Liz King, CEO, techsytalk GLOBAL 

The Snӧball team is thrilled to join the Techsytalk GLOBAL event. It’s all about building a community around the event and spreading the word, which is what the Snӧball technology does best. With high-impact audience activation campaigns, coupled with strategic messaging and conversion optimized social media, Snӧball is ready to transform each and every attendee into powerful event ambassadors. 

“It’s about creating a conversation about your event, through the people that deliver the most impact. Event attendees are the best people to share and spread your message – they’ve got pre-targeted social network connections and they already have the baked-in trust that comes from word-of-mouth marketing. We’re taking attendees and tapping into their peer-to-peer influence!” – Rachel Stephan, snöballer-in-chief, Snӧball Event Influencer Marketing

We’ll be available throughout techsytalk GLOBAL to show you exactly how you can tap into your audience’s hidden marketing power. 

“Snӧball was designed by event marketers, for event marketers. We know your time to learn new technology is limited and your bandwidth for new activities is low – that’s why we focus on implementing and optimizing your campaigns personally. Our technology is a DI(For)Y, so you can get back to the seemingly endless event checklist on your mind.” –  snöballer-in-chief, Snӧball Event Influencer Marketing

Be our guest at techsytalk GLOBAL!
Date: November 17th – 18th, 2020
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About techsytalk GLOBAL 

COVID-19 has hammered the events industry, but it has also expedited innovation and new ways to approach new challenges. Virtual and hybrid events now at the forefront, and having 10+ years of experience in both, long before the pandemic, we’re psyched to re-launch our signature “techsytalk LIVE” event, now techsytalk GLOBAL, a year-round community and conference specifically designed to help our peers navigate this evolving landscape of gatherings.

About Snӧball 

Snöball is the only influencer marketing technology that mobilizes attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, and speakers into trusted event advocates, pre-to-post event. We turn your passive audience into active peer-to-peer influencers for your event and content. Word-of-mouth is the new cool.


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