Managing your events’ speakers and harnessing their networks for word-of-mouth marketing just got a whole lot easier.

Speaker management software Lineup Ninja now integrates with powerful event marketing platform, Snöball, bringing important benefits to conference producers and event planners that will affect their attendance numbers.

Lineup Ninja saves you countless hours of admin by automating many routine tasks, and it reduces the risk of human error by creating a single source of truth for all your speaker & session information.

Meanwhile, Snöball helps you mobilize your speakers, exhibitors, sponsors and attendees, into trusted event advocates, and tap into their networks to increase attendance at your events. Best of all: it multiplies your marketing reach, without multiplying your budget or resources. When using Snöball, on average, 1 in 10 attendees will come in through the referral of a trusted advocate.

Because both products use the same speaker data, integrating them means no manual copying, exporting and importing of data: no more proliferation of spreadsheets and no more version control headaches. This translates into always-accurate speakers promo kits, ready to be shared.

Founder and CEO of Snöball, Rachel Stephan said:

We are looking forward to working with the Lineup Ninja team. Snöball is a natural extension of Lineup Ninja’s speaker management process. The ease with which an event organizer can now manage their speakers and have speakers get the word out about their event is phenomenal. This partnership helps free up valuable time for meeting planners while increasing event visibility and attendance. I’d call that a win-win-win for event planners!

How it works

Speaker and session information is gathered via Lineup Ninja. This is usually captured directly from the speaker via a submission form, but it could just as easily be added by the conference producer or content manager.

Once the speaker and session information has been collected and the sessions have been scheduled (using Lineup Ninja’s ‘Smart Agenda Planning’ technology), it can be pulled into Snöball — every time you’re ready to push an updated version.

Snöball then takes it from there, from starting a campaign, designing the assets to match your brand using any speaker data to customize their social kit, all the way to launching the email campaign.

No need to export speakers assets to then import and send them using a third party platform. YOU choose what data you want to use to output to the custom speaker graphics.

In addition to easy-to-share speakers’ assets, Snöball’s dynamic landing page builder lets you generate personalized landing pages at scale for your speakers, exhibitors and partners, showcasing what they bring to your event.

Snöball’s speaker video curation tool lets you collect speaker soundbites at scale. Embedded video on landing pages is an additional conversion-optimized asset that is co-branded and effective in driving attributable conversions.

Check out Joe’s speaker landing page with a video recorded for Event Tech Live London 2022:

An example of a speaker’s landing page in Snöball
Example of a speaker’s landing page

An email is then sent from Snöball with you as the sender, asking your speakers to simply click and share to the social channel of their preference.

Example auto-generated social media post in Snöball
Auto-generated social post in Snöball

For example, choosing LinkedIn logs the speaker into their LinkedIn account and creates a post with a link to register for the event:

Example LinkedIn post generated by Snöball
Posting to social media platforms like LinkedIn is easy for speakers

Lineup Ninja Co-founder, Joe Atkinson said:

With this new integration, our users have another powerful tool to help their speakers drive attendance at their events. And crucially, they can do it in a way that doesn’t burden them with loads of admin.

Success for Event Tech Live

The integration was commissioned by Event Tech Live for their 2022 show in London. The Event Tech Live campaign kicked off the integration with the launch of their Call for Sessions campaign. It prompted speakers to invite other speakers to submit sessions and in doing so also created buzz around the event.

Adam Parry, Co-founder at Event Tech Live explained:

“We’ve used Lineup Ninja for a number of shows and chose to work with Snöball this year because we love how it empowers attendees and speakers alike to invite highly relevant people within their network who might otherwise be out of our scope to reach and convert to the show. We’ve seen tremendous results.

We knew that copying data between them and keeping it in sync was going to be time consuming, so we asked the two platforms to build an integration which would automate and streamline this process, saving us hundreds of man hours for the marketing team. The immediate benefit we’ve seen is that instead of repeatedly exporting and importing data, we can pull it straight into Snöball with a couple of clicks.

It makes it much easier to keep everything in sync, is a massive time saving, and eliminates a source of human error.”

Find Out More

To find out more, book a demo with Lineup Ninja or Snöball.


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