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Event planners now must be adept at producing virtual events. Casey Mirick, senior event manager at Vancouver-based Audigy, was one of the first to embrace the new paradigm. When COVID-19 derailed plans for Audigy’s flagship Summit in Nashville, TN last year, Mirick immediately began plans for a virtual event.

The stakes were high. Summit is a major industry conference that Audigy’s participating ENT and audiology clinics rely on for continuing education and business guidance. Producing an engaging, successful virtual event was mission critical. Mirick knew that choosing the right conference planning software would be the key to a successful event. She quickly discovered the virtual event software marketplace was crowded with vendors. After evaluating the options, she turned to Hubb.

“Hubb stood out. Every Hubb event looked and felt different,” said Mirick.

Hubb’s platform made it easy for Mirick manage the event as it was happening. From customizing visual elements to helping attendees with login issues, the Hubb admin portal ensured a seamless experience for all involved. Data collected in real-time helped Mirick gauge attendee engagement and satisfaction as the event was happening.

“That kind of data is just priceless,” said Mirick.

To learn more, read the full case study here.

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