February 22, 2022 (MONTREAL) – Snöball and the Community Leaders Institute (CLI) come together to empower and amplify communities.

Snöball and the Community Leaders Institute (CLI), THE home for all things community, have signed a partnership agreement. Together, they will leverage the power of community marketing and help educate community leaders on best community marketing & audience growth practices.

CLI is the center for community leaders, founders, owners, managers, and launchers. CLI is the first port of call for all things community – packed with insights, tools, templates, training, resources, and networking to help you launch and grow your community. 

“Upon discovering Snöball,” RD Whitney, CLI Founder, says, “it was immediately clear to see there was a synergy between the two organizations. Our goal at CLI is to bring the rapidly growing Community Profession to share best practices and thrive. Snöball helped us create rapid awareness for our event, and their solution is an example of the innovation our members and event attendees will discover at CLI.”

“We are looking forward to working with the CLI team. The power of people and communities are at the core of Snöball’s raison d’être and the scope of our planned collaboration reflects that. Social amplification of the CLIX event is the first of many future collaborations. We are thrilled to partner with the Community Leaders Institute and are looking forward to helping its community leaders members leverage the power of their own community to drive awareness and audience growth. ” says Rachel Stephan, Founder and CEO of Snöball.

In addition to enabling CLI to maximize its CLIX attendance (April 4-5 in Memphis, TN.), Snöball can also be used to help drive brand awareness and audience growth by repurposing content and amplifying it through community audiences and internal teams. Expect a lot of innovation that will benefit community leaders to come from this partnership agreement. 

About CLI

CLI is your first port of call for all things community – packed with insights, tools, templates, training, resources, and networking to help you launch and grow your community. From inside-track insights on new platforms and technologies to case studies from successful community managers and launch strategies to monetization opportunities, the CLI includes content from across the entire community ecosystem, helping its members learn from each other, making new connections develop and grow.

CLI is bringing Community Professionals together in Memphis, April 4-5th to learn, network and thrive. Leading authors, thought leaders, and practitioners will be sharing their knowledge through two days of interactive sessions. Learn more at www.CLIXevent.com

About Snöball

Snöball is a community marketing & audience growth platform that mobilizes existing audiences into becoming influential advocates to drive audience acquisition, retention, and engagement. Every member of your community has influence – Snöball lets you tap into your audiences’ networks, whether it is to increase your content reach, grow your network or amplify your event. 

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