This is an overview of the Onsite check-in module. Key topics we cover are: 


Onsite check-in is the most critical feature required to host a Hybrid Event. With this feature, the event organizers can check in the attendees into the event or any venue on the event. 

What do you need to Get Started?

Here is a list of things you need to get started with onsite check-in –

  1. Create a check in app from this link.
  2. Download the Check in by Aida hub app. Please note that the check in app is available ONLY for iOS devices for versions iOS 10 and above. 
  3. Active internet connection on check in site if there is onsite registration happening too. Otherwise, the app works OFFLINE for just check-ins.
  4. Compatible Printers set up in case of on site badge printing.

Volunteer Check-in (QR Based)

The Volunteer check-in mode is used to allow the volunteers to check-in attendees using the check-in by AIDA Hub app. Here the attendees will have a unique QR code that is sent to them on the registration confirmation email or is present with them on the app. In this mode, a designated volunteer scans the QR of the attendee and checks them in.

Self Check-in (QR Based)

The Self Check-in mode is used to allow the attendees to directly check-in using the given QR Code. In this setup, the attendees visit the designated spot and scan the QR given to them to check themselves in.

Self Registration

The Self Registration Module is used to register the users if they aren’t registered already. In this mode the attendees are automatically checked in and they need not have to check in again.

You can set up a custom registration form and the attendees can fill it to register themselves.

Location Management

With the use of a site check-in module, you can manage multiple locations and check-in attendees at multiple locations, for example – Sessions, Breakouts, Lunch, Exhibitor Booths, etc.

This gives an insight into the interests of your attendees and which session worked best for your event.

Sell Tickets On-Site

With the power of on-site check-in, you can sell multiple types of tickets right at the venue. With an integrated Payment gateway and Custom registration form, you can enable ticketing and create multiple types of tickets.

Once the attendees visit the event, they will be able to purchase tickets and start exploring the event in no time.

Custom On-Site Badge printing

The platform gives you the flexibility to design custom badges that can be printed on-site. These badges can be designed as per your needs and branding. The same can be sent as an email to your attendees that register.

Real-Time Analytics

With all the above features built into the on-Site Check-in module, with an active internet connection, the platform renders real-time analytics for you to analyze the event’s health.

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