Each year we look forward to planning and celebrating special occasions. From weddings and graduations to birthdays and holidays, these bring people together and form memories that we’re able to cherish forever. Although this year, the pandemic has put a damper on many party plans. Fortunately, with some creativity, improvising, and resourcefulness, celebrating those important milestones is still possible. But no matter how you choose to celebrate in 2020, one thing remains true for all: a good time doesn’t have to cost a pretty penny. During a time when saving money is as important as ever, we’ve compiled budget-friendly tips for party planning in the era of the pandemic.

Budget-Friendly Party Planning Tips in the Time of COVID | Sendo Invitations #partyplanning #sendomatic

When in doubt, party it out virtually

As much as we wish we could host in-person gatherings, in some circumstances, it’s best to play it safe by having a virtual celebration. It’s better than forgoing your party plans altogether, right? Not to mention, there are some major advantages to virtual celebrations. Not only is it likely that guests will be more inclined or able to attend, but you’re also saving major bucks considering it’s BYOE (bring your own everything) for everyone. Instead of shelling out your own money for food and alcohol, your guests can grab a glass of their favorite rosé or a bottle of bubbly and join you for a live party online!

Budget-Friendly Party Planning Tips in the Time of COVID | Sendo Invitations #partyplanning #sendomatic

Re-save the date and save money

If a virtual celebration won’t do justice to your special event, such as a wedding, for example, don’t be afraid to be flexible with the festivities by postponing your party. Believe it or not, it can be worth the wait to celebrate your big day. You’d be surprised by how many wedding venues, photographers, and other vendors offer discounts for couples who rebook with them for a future date. To avoid spending the money that you’re saving, you can set up a separate account using an online banking solution to preserve those funds for your new date. Instead of feeling blue about waiting to say “I Do,” the additional time and savings can allow you to spring for those extra dream wedding details!

Budget-Friendly Party Planning Tips in the Time of COVID | Sendo Invitations #partyplanning #sendomatic

Bonus: As soon as you know your new date, Sendo can help you notify guests with digital wedding invitations or with a custom invitation design—like a “change the date” card.

Cut your guest list down

Admittedly, one of the most challenging tasks of party planning is deciding who to invite. Whether it’s your wedding, birthday, or even a holiday party, you never want anyone to feel left out. But with social gathering limits, trimming your guest list might just be the best thing to do for everyone’s health and safety, and for your wallet. A simple place to start is by saying no to plus-ones and children. If you need to cut back, even more, focus on immediate family and close friends who live locally. With travel restrictions in place, it might be a good idea to offer a live streaming service as an option for loved ones who live far away!

Budget-Friendly Party Planning Tips in the Time of COVID | Sendo Invitations #partyplanning #sendomatic

Be creative with gifts

If there’s one thing that’s sure to eat up a surprising chunk of your party budget, it’s gifts. Gifts aren’t just for the guest of honor to receive, but for the host to give to guests as a small thank you gesture as well. Almost all occasions include some type of party favor, which can get quite costly if you aren’t careful. Instead, you can opt to skip favors and let your guests know that you plan to donate that money to a charity of your choice. Another idea: involve your guests in the process by giving them a charity gift card from TisBest. Your guests can then choose to give to a charity of their choice!

Budget-Friendly Party Planning Tips in the Time of COVID | Sendo Invitations #partyplanning #sendomatic

Our budgets and gatherings may be small this year due to COVID, but that doesn’t mean we have to limit the fun. With some creativity and thoughtful planning, every milestone can still be a memorable one!

Do you have any ideas or tips about hosting a party on a budget? Please let us know in the comments below! We look forward to your ideas!

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