With most events being held exclusively online, or being held as ‘hybrid’ events, virtual events are here to stay in the long run.

While you take that first step towards moving online and executing an entire event on a virtual events platform, extending the duration from a couple of hours to 6-8 hours, or even a virtual event that is spread across multiple days, can appear to be a daunting task on the outside, but it’s quite achievable when done with proper planning. An elaborate, day-long virtual event can actually be great for your business, in terms of networking prospects, boosting awareness about your business and contributing to your brand’s growth in the long term.

Nunify offers state-of-the-art features to support you in the process, providing help in everything from registration to post-event actions. Here are a few tips that will help you create effective day-long virtual events:

Implement a Robust Marketing Strategy:

Identify your target audience and implement a 360-degree marketing strategy to register attendees for your event. Once you have registrations for your events, email your event agenda and event schedule to them. This will help them prioritize the sessions that they want to be a part of and the amount of time they want to spend attending the event. Therefore, even for a day-long event, your audience will identify the key sessions they wish to attend and plan accordingly.

You can leverage social media promotions to target and promote specific sessions from your event, for which you want a larger number of attendees – perhaps a session featuring your event’s star speaker?

Offer a Dynamic Virtual Environment:

Your attendees are going to be present in the event for a whole day, so you need to ensure that the experience you are offering them is not monotonous. You can create dynamic and engaging sessions virtually too. Nunify offers you the option to create a live or hybrid event with dynamic user experience and a variety of content presentation options.

From gamification to speed networking sessions & public and private rooms for fostering attendee engagement, Nunify helps you create a versatile and dynamic experience for your event’s attendees. The seamless registration experience and user-friendly interface creates a rich experience for your attendees when they sign up, while features such as the ability to inject HD+ quality videos during the live stream, or the ability to invite attendees on-screen to engage with speakers, helps you showcase your content in a unique manner, ensuring that you don’t lose the attention of your virtual event’s attendees.

Offer Active Attendee Engagement :

While the content you are offering projects the main value of the event, keeping your audience engaged actively through the event is of maximum importance. With Nunify, you have plenty of options to keep your audience engaged throughout your event. While the speakers can engage with one-another in the Speaker Lounge, the audience can be actively involved in different event-sessions through gamification activities, and share their thoughts and inputs through emoji reactions, chat, questions and pop-up polls. These features help engage the audience and break the monotony of long events.

While you can have the most engaging content, your attendees are only humans and will require a break ever so often to rest and even socialize. Utilize these breaks for entertainment sessions or contests, and leverage tools like breakout rooms to allow your attendees to socialize among themselves. This has the potential to create more value for your event than you think. 

Boost Your Event’s Reach & Advocacy:

Create dynamic sessions or inter-session breaks by using social media during your event. Nunify allows you to live-stream your sessions through Facebook and Youtube Live, enabling you to reach a wider audience. These platforms are more readily used by the audience to interact and engage with each other and can help with engagement during your event on more than one platform. You can run a Q&A session featuring individual speakers parallel to other main sessions, allowing attendees to pick and choose the experience they want to make the most of on the virtual event platform, or on the social media platform of their choice.

Analytics Assessment:

Keep assessing analytics during your event, and after the day’s sessions come to a close, to see what is working the best. This can be done with the help of Nunify’s advanced analytics, which help you improvise at every step.

While planning a long virtual event can be a little tough initially, once you plan it effectively, the actual event will roll out smoothly. Keep contingency options ready in case of glitches or unanticipated issues. While all this is important, you also need to relax and let the event unfold organically. If you are enjoying hosting the event, your attendees will just as much enjoy attending it too.

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