Interactio is a leading remote solutions platform providing real-time multilingual interpretation services for remote or hybrid meetings.

Interactio combines remote simultaneous interpretation and a remote participant system, connecting up to 2,000 participants in a virtual room with an unlimited number of languages.

Connected on an interactive panel via desktop or mobile device, attendees can exchange ideas in a live chat, cast votes, and show essential information through a screen sharing function.

Interactio has been used to interpret and stream over 26,000 events since its launch in 2014.


PLC Convention replaced simultaneous interpretation equipment into a mobile system

Our most-valued features

⭐ Participant experience:

✔️ Access list of attendees who participate in the meeting.

✔️ Preferable view selection, including pining the chosen active speaker/participant.

✔️ Send private & group messages to any attendee of the meeting.

✔️ Hear interpretation in your preferred language while speaking.

⭐ Moderator experience:

✔️ Have full control of the flow of the meeting.

✔️ Exchange private chat messages with the participants.

✔️ Take questions and answer them live or via chat at your own pace.

✔️ Access exclusive statistics and polls live.

⭐ Event organizer experience:

✔️ Invite a guest moderator from any organization.

✔️ Use SAML authentication for extra security.

✔️ Allow up to 30 participants to be visible on the screen.


➡️ Before the event: we match you with the right interpreter, provide network analysis and give recommendations, and conduct customized technical trainings for AV staff, interpreters, and participants.

➡️ During the event: we provide dedicated technical support: either in-person at your venue or remotely.

➡️ After the event: we send you streaming analytics and gather user’s feedback on your event.

Use cases

✔️ Governmental Sessions

✔️ Business Meetings

✔️ Conferences



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