In the evolving landscape of 2023, every event planner is in search of a story—a compelling narrative that defines their event’s success.

Central to this success is the event app—an integral touchpoint for attendees, speakers, and exhibitors alike. It shapes audience engagement, enhances networking opportunities, and brings tangible event ROI into sharp focus.

But with digital inundated with countless metrics, how do you ascertain the real success of your event app?

Let’s delve deep and uncover important event app metrics that you absolutely need to track.

1. Audience Engagement is Everything

Dive beyond the facade of event app downloads to truly understand how attendees are navigating your app’s ecosystem:

  • Active Users: Daily and monthly metrics matter. A high DAU/MAU ratio paints a picture of your mobile event app that attendees revisit, showcasing its sticky appeal.
  • Session Length: Duration metrics reveal attendee commitment. Extended stays? They’re enthralled by what they see.
  • Feature Popularity: Identify the star attractions. Highlighting the most accessed sections gives insight into what truly resonates with your audience.

2. App Feedback Doesn’t Lie

In an era where opinions are instant:

  • In-App Surveys: Capture the pulse of the moment with well-timed survey questions, allowing for real-time adjustments.
  • App Store Ratings & Reviews: Beyond the quantitative, dig into the qualitative feedback on app stores. It’s often here that true gems of insights are uncovered.

3. Networking Metrics inside Conference App

Networking to create connections is at the core of every conference app, so tracking it is crucial:

  • Connections Made: Monitor the bridges being built within your app—a direct indication of its effectiveness as a networking tool.
  • Message Volume: Abundant in-app communication? That’s the digital equivalent of an event hall filled with animated conversations.

4. Sponsor ROI within the Event App

Intangibles aside, the return on investment (ROI) makes its mark in bold strokes:

  • Sponsorship & Ad Engagement: Gauge attendee interactions with sponsors and virtual booths. This provides a clear lens into the app’s commercial potential.
  • Sales & Leads: An event with commerce at its core? Directly track conversions stemming from the event app using lead scan feature.

5. Future-Forward Indicators

Look beyond the event’s closing remarks:

  • Retention Rates: High post-event retention suggests an app that offers enduring value.
  • Post-Event Activity: Continuous engagement even after the curtains fall? Your event app has become a staple in their digital toolkit.

The Verdict for 2023:

In 2023, tracking your event app’s success is vital. Each metric adds value and direction, ensuring the mobile app’s prominence and lasting impact.

The overarching goal for you is to ensure your event app doesn’t merely stand out but becomes a talking point.

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