You’ve put in the effort to create your event app, and it’s now out in the world. But what’s next?

How do you can boost downloads for your mobile event app?

In this guide I unlock some industry secrets that’ll make your app the talk of the event.

While the usual routes like sending out an email blast can yield results, what we’re about to share goes beyond the basics. We’ll dive deep into some under-the-radar strategies that have the potential to skyrocket app downloads. Ready for the inside scoop?

Tip 1 : Leverage FOMO

Ah, that ever-present Fear Of Missing Out. We’ve all been its victim.

Your friends snapping away at the city’s newest bistro,

Colleagues discussing the latest binge-worthy series,

Or the buzz about THAT event everyone seems to be attending.

Every fiber of you screams, “I’ve got to be part of this!”. FOMO isn’t just a trendy term—it’s a potent tool in your event app promo.

So, why not harness that same FOMO magic to skyrocket your event app downloads? Let’s dive in:

“First 100 Downloads” offer: Everyone loves a good giveaway during events, right?

Capitalize on the magic of the “First 100 Downloads” . In that event invitation email, tempt your attendees with offers they simply can’t resist.

  • An exclusive offer from your big-shot sponsor (as part of their event sponsorship),
  • A shiny mobile event app badge to flaunt their early bird status,
  • Or even a golden ticket to fire questions directly at keynote speakers or top brass.

Make the early birds feel special.

Show ‘Em What They’re Missing: Let’s stir up some event app envy, shall we?

Light up your email campaigns and social channels by throwing real-time teasers in your promotions like

  • “Hey there! 300 event-goers are networking in the app. Feeling left out?”
  • “Quick! Just 25 spots left for our hush-hush AMA session.”
  • “Check out the top selfie making waves. Why aren’t you in it?”

The goal? Not just to increase registrations, but to hit the download button of your event app.

Turn Up the FOMO in Your Messaging: Forget the yawn-inducing email subject lines and cookie-cutter social media updates

Time to supercharge that FOMO. Sprinkle in cheeky emojis 🚀, and craft hooks that aren’t just clickbaits but genuine download triggers:

  • 🕒 Tick Tock! Limited offer
  • Top Trending Moments from the App – Join the buzz ! 🐝
  • 🎉 Party’s On in the App!

Aim to not just get a click, but a genuine urge to download.

Tip 2 : Simple Referral Tactics for More Event App Installs

Word-of-mouth? Tried and tested.

It’s like the superhero of promoting stuff, and yep, that includes getting folks to download your event app.

Here’s the thing: those who’ve already hit that “install” button? They’re your golden ticket. Your champions.

As you rally your first wave of attendees on the mobile app, it’s time to sprinkle in some clever, fun tactics. Dive into these ideas:

Roll with Event-Themed Referrals: Every event has its pulse – Why not introduce referral challenges tied to the event’s theme.

Rocking a music fest? Strike a note with “Rock ‘n’ Refer.”

Tech summit on the horizon? Serve ’em some “Code & Share” vibes.

When your referral strategy resonates with the event’s vibe, attendees aren’t just engaged—they’re hooked. Plus, it’s a fantastic encore for your brand’s image.

Game on with Gamified Referrals: Turn your referral programs into fun event gamification

Send an invite? Score points.

The invite resulted in another event app download? Triple the points.

It’s not just about climbing a leaderboard or unlocking in-app goodies. Think progressive rewards.

Maybe it starts with 5 points for the first referral. But once you hit the 10th? That’s a sweet 10 points. The more they refer, the bigger the buzz.

Double-sided referrals: Double the reward, double the fun.

Why should the referral who downloaded your event app not get rewards for installing ?

By treating the original sharer and the new downloader, you’re fueling more chatter, more buzz, and yes—more installs.

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