Have you ever wondered how some event organizers seem to effortlessly attract and retain high-value sponsors?

Unlock a new stream of event revenue for your event that not only covers costs but boosts your profit margins. The SHOT Show stands as a testament to this possibility, having skyrocketed its event app sponsorship revenue by an astonishing 169% and then doubling it.

Event apps are more than just digital agendas.

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The Importance of Event Apps in 2024

In the rush of the digital transformation, you’ve probably noticed how smartphones have become central to our lives. An app for your event can make the most of this by offering a key tool with numerous event app benefits. Imagine having all aspects of an event in the palm of your hand—from onsite check-in to gamification.

Centralized Event Management at Your Fingertips

Forget about the hassle of scattered management areas. An event app centralizes the planning process, streamlining it onto your smartphone. There’s no need to juggle multiple devices or platforms. You’re now equipped with a single point of control for your entire event, simplifying the experience for everyone involved.

Enhancing Attendee Engagement

Event apps are changing the game when it comes to audience engagement. They offer interactive features like audience response polling and real-time feedback. This translates to active participation, keeping attendees involved and invested in the event proceedings.

Maximizing Event ROI

By leveraging mobile apps, you’re not just enhancing the attendee experience. You’re also boosting event ROI, by collecting and utilizing valuable data. These insights can drive future decision-making and strategic planning, making each event more successful than the last.

Understand How to Maximize Your Event’s ROI

New Event Revenue Streams and Sponsorship Opportunities

Monetization has become a pivotal component of event apps. With dedicated sponsor pages, ad bars, and splash screens, event apps can turn into significant event sponsorship revenue generators. This isn’t just cost-effective; it’s a way to provide value to sponsors while enhancing the attendee experience. Imagine leveraging these tools to not just break even, but actually profit from your event.

When crafting your event’s financial strategy, consider Exclusive App Sponsorship. This means a single sponsor gets premier exposure throughout the app. Imagine your event app as prime real estate—your top tier sponsor could be the exclusive billboard at every digital touchpoint.

Your goal is visibility, and event apps deliver by putting sponsor logos and branding right where attendees are looking. This isn’t just any visibility—it’s targeted exposure in a space where attendees are engaged and seeking information.

3. Sell Tickets Via Mobile App

Leveraging the event app to sell tickets? That’s a direct line to ROI. Sponsors’ branding could be part of the ticket purchase process, making their investment work harder.

4. Create Gated Event Content

Unlock lucrative opportunities by offering gated content in your app. Here, sponsors can feature their expertise in a way that adds value for attendees, driving engagement and sponsor satisfaction.

Banner ads are the billboards of the digital event landscape. By featuring sponsor ads within the app, you’re offering high-traffic visibility that’s hard to scroll past.

Push notifications aren’t just reminders—they’re a chance for sponsors to speak directly to attendees when they’re most attentive. Use this tool to reinforce sponsor messages without overwhelming your audience.

7. Product Showcase

A “What’s New” section in your app could feature the latest from your sponsors, making it a must-visit area that’s perfect for product launches and announcements.

Interactive polls do double duty: they engage attendees and shine a spotlight on sponsor brands. It’s an excellent way to integrate sponsorship in real-time discussions.

Sessions sponsored by industry leaders aren’t merely educational—they also offer sponsors a platform to demonstrate thought leadership and connect with potential clients on a deeper level.

10. Enrich Expo Listings

With enriched expo listings, sponsors can share detailed company information and contact details. This isn’t just a directory; it’s a conversion tool for sponsors, seamlessly integrated into the app experience.

11. App Splash Page

A splash page is your app’s first impression. Make it work for your sponsors by using this space to display key branding as users open the app—prime advertising real estate.

12. Session Banners

Harness the power of session banners by incorporating sponsor branding into the agenda. Attendees will notice—and remember—those who sponsor the knowledge they came for.

14. Post-event Sales

Keep the momentum going even after the event. Use your app to promote exclusive offers or follow-up content from sponsors, turning one-time interactions into ongoing relationships.

15. Matchmaking

Sometimes, it’s all about making the right connections. Offer a matchmaking feature in your app that aligns sponsors with attendees who are looking for their services. It’s high-tech networking that delivers real business prospects.

You’ve got various sponsorship levels when it comes to event app sponsorships:

  • Main Event App Sponsors
  • Interactive Banner Ads
  • Timed Ads on Home
  • Featured Exhibitors
  • Gamification Exhibitors
  • Sponsor Push Notifications
  • Exhibitors with Media Links

Set Your Pricing

What’s the magic number? Pricing your sponsorship effectively is key. You want to attract sponsors but also ensure that the investment is worth their while. Factor in the exclusivity, audience reach, and potential engagement when setting your rates.

Calculate Potential Earnings

With the right data, you can forecast your potential earnings. Input the number of sponsors you anticipate for each category alongside the value you’d sell these opportunities. Here’s a simple breakdown:

Sponsorship Type Number of Sponsors Sponsorship Value
Main Event App Sponsors $
Interactive Banner Ads $
Timed Ads on Home $
Featured Exhibitors $
Gamification Exhibitors $
Sponsor Push Notifications $
Exhibitors with Media Links $

Visualize the Impact

Event apps are game-changers in automating your event and increase in event revenue. Features like exclusive sponsorships and interactive ads unlock new revenue streams.

The best way to secure an event app that fits your needs is to collaborate with a top-tier event platform that focuses on event app security. By doing so, you’re ensuring that your event is not only current with today’s digital demands but also set for future advancements.

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