As COVID-19 spread, teams from different businesses rushed to establish new channels of communication. All conferences, meetings, and other events that were previously held in person had to be moved online. 

While the digital transformation of events revealed a new set of challenges, it also presented chances to rethink what connection actually means. We were able to participate in discussions taking place all over the world and push the physical limits of our networks thanks to online events. 

With this new reality, there are new problems and solutions that come with it. 

If you’re trying to figure out how to make your virtual event as interesting as possible, take a look at this list of the most common types of virtual events that work the best in 2022.

What are Virtual Events?

Before looking at the list, it’s necessary to define the term “virtual event” itself. 

A virtual event can be summarized as an event that takes place on a virtual event platform and uses tools like online gaming, video calling, and webinars. It intends to provide a complete event experience without forcing guests to leave their rooms. In contrast to physical events, virtual event planners spend more money on technology, often in the form of an all-in-one event platform, and production, such as the quality of produced videos and connectivity.

In fact, according to a recent survey, 79% of event organizers are going virtual. The meetings and events industry has gone through a change recently and is embracing new types of event marketing and management technologies, from virtual meetings to virtual conference mobile apps

Virtual Conferences

As a result of their outstanding results, virtual conferences are now in high demand. 

The possibility to reach a larger audience and select keynote speakers from around the world has been made possible by effective online interaction tools. Instead of holding a real meeting, this helps reduce costs and better accomplishes their goals. 

The multi-dimensional format of in-person conferences is replicated in virtual conferences; therefore, hosts need a virtual event platform that can handle sessions in a variety of formats and higher levels of interaction.

 An online conference has the same major stages, concurrent breakout rooms, networking opportunities, vendor sections, and competitions as a real conference. Always choose the best IoT companies, and focus on those that successfully manage virtual conferences.

Virtual Job Fairs and Onboarding Fairs

The most successful companies in the world find their best employees by expanding their reach and virtually interacting with potential hires.

 Taking job fairs online can improve the quality and quantity of candidates. As a result, technologies for 1:1 audio/video chat, job boards, and efficient video evaluation tools are all very helpful.

 A virtual career fair gives companies the chance to market their company to a worldwide audience. Also, most business owners agree that new hires are crucial to success, which is why they need to build up effective onboarding processes. 

By attending an onboarding fair, employees can receive training through rich interactive methods like chats and webinars that can assess their performance and make adjustments.

Workshops and Online Learning

There is a wide range of event types that can be categorized as elearning and virtual workshops

Some people associate “remote learning” and “online classrooms” with a nameless, impersonal experience or something designed as a tool or resource. For example, you can compare this to Chef Gordon Ramsay’s “Cooking 1” session on MasterClass, where he demonstrates how to disassemble an entire chicken in a spotless, chrome-lined studio kitchen. There is also a biographical mini-documentary in the lesson that showcases Ramsay’s career as a chef. 

The key idea of these workshops and online classes is that production quality is immensely important.

Online Music Concerts

In 2022, online music concerts will continue to be popular. These virtual events have made it possible for fans all around the world to attend live performances by their favorite foreign musicians, something that was previously only possible in countries like the US, Canada, and the UK. Additionally, several well-known artists collaborate to virtually perform for their audiences. These online concerts are also held for charity and unity, helping initiatives like One World: Together at Home gain more support.

Hopefully, this article helps you create a virtual event that is as engaging as possible by enlightening you on the most common types of virtual events that can work in 2022.

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