The pandemic has had a significant impact on all industries and the education industry was no exception. It compelled both students and instructors to transition to online learning overnight, which was foreign and complex for both. According to a report from Gminsights the e-learning industry crossed USD 250 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 21% through 2027. 

Virtual career fair can be a great way for educators to make professional connections and learn more about topics that they are passionate about. It’s also a way for them to make their place in the global classroom community by connecting with other educators and experts across the world. If you appreciate attending educational events, we’ve compiled a list of some pretty fascinating events coming up in 2022. 

Name: ASCD Conference On Educational Leadership 

Date: 18th to 20th January 2022

Location: Online (USA)

Event format: Virtual event 

Details: The virtual career fair event will address topics such as skills, differentiated instruction, school climate/culture, assessment and grading, effective teaching and leadership, public education, brain-based learning, English learners, and more.

Entry fee: $199 per person  

Who should attend:– It’s a fantastic platform for educators, with members from all around the country and at all levels of leadership.

Name: International Conference on Advance Education 

Date: 26-27th January 2022

Location: Online

Event format: Virtual event 

Details: The event will provide the audience with hands-on experience with some of the most cutting-edge and innovative tools in the industry, as well as unique insight that will help them gain an advantage over their competitors.

Entry fee:  7,556 INR 

Who should attend: This remarkable event in the education sector that will benefit academics, scholars, students and educators, industry workers, and policymakers. 

Name: The International Education and Skill Summit 

Date: 19th – 21st september 2022

Location: Bangalore (venue to be announced)

Event format: Virtual event 

Details: The virtual career fair will address the problems and possibilities in the Asian education and skills sector, bringing together enthusiastic educators, leaders, and professionals who are dedicated to pushing education’s frontiers.

Entry fee:  Yet to announce but one can register for the event online. 

Who should attend:– An ideal opportunity for educational leaders and students to network, talk, and reflect on the field of education.

Name: Education Worldwide India Mumbai 

Date: 20th april 2022

Location: Mumbai (venue to be announced) 

Event format: Hybrid event

Details: The event is a must-attend gathering where experts and academics with years of expertise in the field will provide professional advice to students, as well as representatives from prominent universities and colleges who will discuss tuition structures and admission information for their individual campuses.

Entry fee:  Free

Who should attend:– It’s a great opportunity for college students who are interested in studying abroad. 

Name: USA Educational Virtual Fair 

Date: 1st – 27th February 2022

Location: Online

Event format: Virtual event 

Details: The virtual career fair allows students to meet with foreign authorities and professors from institutions in the United States via one-on-one video conference to discuss programmes, eligibility, scholarships, and post-study employment opportunities.

Entry fee: Free

Who should attend:– It’s a fantastic alternative for individuals who wish to enhance their studies in the United States.

Name: Games Education Virtual Summit 2022

Date: 21st April 2022

Location: Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom.

Event format: Hybrid event 

Details: The event assists game educators and creators by facilitating greater cooperation, communication, and best practises sharing between institutions of further and higher learning and the games industry. 

Entry fee: €254

Who should attend:– The event provides a place for game educators and developers to address the most pressing challenges in gaming, network with peers in workshops, and hear from learners and young creators about how to unlock their routes into games.

Name: IDP’s UK Educational Virtual Fair 

Date: 31st January to 26th February 2022

Location: Online 

Event format: Virtual event 

Details: The virtual career fair benefits students to connect with foreign officials and instructors from UK universities via one-on-one video chat to discuss programmes, eligibility, scholarships, and post-study career prospects.

Entry fee:  Free

Who should attend:– It’s a terrific opportunity for those who want to pursue further education in the UK.

As things return to normal, in-person events are making a comeback too. Though we are talking about virtual and hybrid events here, we thought it had be a great idea to put together a list of some highly sought after in-person education events too. 

Name: International Conference On Science education, Communication And Culture. 

Date: 11th and 12th March 2022

Location: Miami US 

Event format: In-person event 

Details: The event brings together top academic scientists, scientists, and research scholars to interact and share their views and research findings on all areas of science education, communication, and culture.

Entry fee: €450 per person 

Who should attend:– The event provides a venue for renowned academic scientists, researchers, and academics from across the globe to submit unique research and present it in front of an audience.

Name: Begin Edu Fair 

Date: 29th march 2022

Location: Taj MG road Bangalore 

Event format: In-person event 

Details: This is a terrific chance for students and their guardians who are interested in higher education programmes to meet all of the top college professionals in one place. This will assist students in better understanding of college and applying for institutions in easy steps.

Entry fee:  Free

Who should attend:– It is a great opportunity for university students, especially interested in foreign study programmes such as preparatory courses, bachelor, master, MBA, language, and summer programmes.

Name: International Conference on Computers in Education 

Date: 25th -26th April 

Location: New York US  

Event format: In-person event 

Details: The event provides a premier multidisciplinary venue for academics, practitioners, and educators to present and debate the most recent breakthroughs, trends, and problems in the domains of computer education, as well as practical issues faced and solutions chosen.

Entry fee: €350 per person 

Who should attend:– A fantastic opportunity for renowned academic scientists, researchers, and scholars in computer education from across the world can contribute unique existing research on any element of computer education.

Virtual career fair provide a unique opportunity for educators to attend live talks and network with professionals in their industry irrespective of their location. The education industry has witnessed a massive shift in the last decade for the good thanks to technology. This change has made merging the actual and virtual a reality making education events and conferences more accessible, inexpensive, and sustainable. Sophisticated and advanced virtual event platforms have made long-distance learning a reality.

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