Your audience is the group at your event who you may relate to the most, at least on a personal level. You were part of audiences before the pandemic, and you’re probably trying to safely rejoin events now. So, you know people appreciate event pros being transparent about safety—they may even consider a lack of a well-communicated safety plan a dealbreaker for attending an event.

We saw this firsthand at the September 28 Untethered event. Our attendees were fired up about safety as not only a necessity but an opportunity. Our Health, Safety & Wellness Chapter summarizes their comments, from the big picture to the detailed tips. This is a quick peek inside that chapter, sharing some of our Untethered attendees’ favorite ways of effectively conveying safety messages to event audiences.


You know from managing every other aspect of an event that being proactive is worth its weight in gold. Being proactive around safety is no different. You assume the caterer will forget the gluten-free options, the AC will malfunction, or a presenter will need an extra-long extension cord. So, also anticipate your attendees’ questions about safety at your event. Share those questions—and their answers—before your audience asks. Communicate forward.

Then ask your audience, “What else?” Let them know you’ve thought of everything—and are open and ready to troubleshoot the stuff that somehow got left out of the everything.


Safety isn’t just sexy, as people are more willing to engage when they feel safe and heard; it can also be inspiring. Add razzle-dazzle to your safety messaging by taking a cue from airlines’ safety videos. Throw some production money behind it; involve your VIPs and sponsors.

And hey, after decreasing or even eliminating air travel, your attendees may be extra excited to see something that reminds them of those spruced-up “buckle your seat belt and put your mask on first” videos.


At its best, tech gives people power—to know how traffic is looking across town, to understand what’s happening on the ground in a faraway country, to skip commercials. We event pros are excited about the apps that empower event attendees to feel—and to be—safer at events. For example, audience members could communicate with each other about how many people are in each space at an event.

Armed with this up-to-date information, attendees can decide for themselves if a session is too crowded for their comfort; then, rather than waste time walking from alternative to alternative, with a glance at the app, they can choose an expo booth, breakout room, or other session that looks interesting and that also has the perfect seat for them.

Most of what we fear, including attending an event during a pandemic, can be counteracted with clear information and the opportunity to enact some control over the situation. Fortunately, as the organizer of events, you have the power to give your audience that education and that opportunity—and to set them up to thoroughly enjoy your event. Learn more by downloading the Health, Safety & Wellness Chapter of the UNTETHERED Big Ideas Book.


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