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As a seasoned event planner, you’re expected to know the ins and outs of every convention center and select the one that will make your event rock. But with virtual events, as well as the digital element of hybrid, the internet is your venue. And unfortunately for many of us, we still have a lot to learn.

That’s why we made this guide – The Event Planner’s Guide to the Internet. Because just like the many convention centers in Vegas, the internet is full of strange quirks and bizarre structures that can make or break your event. In many ways, it’s like your event is in all of these centers at once, as each of your attendees will have their own tools (browsers, extensions, hardware, etc.) to engage with your event. Something as simple as the browser they use can alter their event experience, as each browser reads and displays your event differently. And you as the planner have to prepare and plan for all of these situations.

If you’re starting to feel a little overwhelmed, that’s absolutely okay and normal. This guide breaks down every component and tool you will need to plan, build, and prepare for your virtual event. It will help you become an internet black belt so you can spot issues before they happen and chop them out of existence. It will help you set up a virtual venue at the speed of light, so you don’t have to reach out to a support team to make a change. And most importantly, it will show you how to create incredible, seamless experiences for your audience.

Whether you feel like you are a third degree blackbelt that lives and dies in their computer, or all these weird terms like cache make you want to throw your computer in the dumpster—Ron Swanson style—this guide will teach you something new. So go ahead and hit the button below to get your own copy of the Event Planner’s Guide to the Internet. Before you know it, you’ll be as knowledgeable about the internet as you are about the Venetian in Vegas.

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