On 14 November 2022, Mr. and Miss Shahla conducted their wedding ceremony with an event app. They shared information about their wedding. Guests shared their live photos on the event feed. The couple organized contests within the app. Guests played, won prizes, and blessed the couple with a happy life ahead. A small example of how an event app can transform your event.

Nunify’s event app connected over 200 guests in a single platform. Nunify’s not alone. 2022 was filled with amazing examples of successful virtual events:

Do you want to conduct memorable events like these? Events of this scale attract immense traffic but they’re chaotic. Venue prep, guest management, marketing, and operations are hard to manage – even with a huge team. A boring event will spoil your brand image. 

Get an event app. It lets you manage the whole event from a single platform. You share all the event-related information on the app, engage with attendees and get their feedback right on the app. This blog covers top event apps for 2023.

Why do you need an event app in 2023?

Events are hard to manage even with a large team. In an in-house event, you can’t reach out to each person to ensure they’re satisfied. In a virtual event, people can’t keep checking their emails for updates. An event app solves both of these problems. Use one of the best apps for events to monitor your attendees’ experience and share updates with them. 

Below are the reasons why you need the best event apps in 2023:

1. Increased Opportunities for Networking and Community Building 

Create specific discussion rooms and booths in the event app. Invite guest speakers from all over the world without spending a dime on their travel. How? Because they’ll be sitting in their homes. Let attendees engage with one another in groups or one-on-one chat rooms to build your own community. The networking opportunities are immense in event apps.

2. Speedy Process

Event apps are quick to set up. Sign up for your event app platform. Name your app. Add all necessary features from the backend like an event wall, feedback space, groups, games, etc. Attendees can quickly register with links or check-in apps like Nunify. Spread the word on your social media channels and you’re done. 

3. Measurable Impact 

The best app for events app provides real-time data to monitor engagement. Analyze conversations in the discussion rooms. See what attendees like the most. Gather feedback from polls to collect data points. Use them to measure the impact of the event. Conduct surveys to find customer experience to improvise in the future.

4. Constant Engagement for Attendees

Attendees often get bored at long events. Best event apps let you conduct games, quizzes, and challenges. Allot points and pick winners to keep attendees engaged. Share pop-up notifications to alert them about a performance or session. Most event apps come with feeds where attendees can post photos. They can like, comment, and share posts to engage with each other. 

How we evaluated the best event app ?

  1. Is the event app available offline ? The easiest way to evaluat if the app is working properly is to put your device on airplane mode, once you downloaded the content. If it crashes or hangs, then this app might not be for you. Avoid poorly made HTMLs and hybrids as these can often cause issues.
  2. How customisable is the event app ? Your event app should be branded to your event, not someone else’s. So check if you can customise colors, graphics, backgrounds. Advanced event app platforms also allow you to change navigation, icons, menu names and app layouts. 
  3. Do the features meet your requirements? Beyond the must have event app features, ask your app provider if they have other features that will enhance the attendee experience. For example, they may be able to help you facilitate networking, gamification and livestreaming.
  4. Can registration and check-in be integrated? A huge time saver for your event would be a native integrated registration & check-in software. Or at least integrates to popular CRM software. This can save you hours and hours of user excel uploads.
  5. Is the admin panel DIY and easy-to-use ? This is a must-have for a reliable event app builder. You want to quickly upload/import data, moderate content and users without needing to rely every time on your app provider. 
  6. How rich is the app analytics? In today’s world analytics is the key to everything. Ensure you track and capture engagement analytics & content consumption. This will help you improve your event on the fly. 
  7. No compromise on privacy & data security.  Your guest’s data needs equal priority as your guest. No data should be shared by your app provider with anyone else without our authorisation and follow global standards like GDPR. 
  8. Is App support available 24×7 & live? You never know when you need help. So if need be pay the premium and get live support especially during the event. 

Best Apps for Events to Create Memorable Events

Events – virtual or not – are not limited to corporate events anymore. Various industries are using events for promotion, employee engagement, or general fun. Healthcare, finance, and banking sectors conduct virtual webinars to educate their audience. People attend these webinars through laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

Event apps are laden with top-notch features. Live video streaming, event performance analytics, event marketing, ticketing, and engagement tools help you make the most of your virtual or in-person event.

Below are the top event apps to choose from for your business in 2023:


Nunify is a one-stop shop for hybrid, in-person, and virtual events management.  It simplifies all virtual events and webinars. It compiles various features to conduct events, drive engagement, and monitor event performance. 

Top Features of Nunify

The Event app: Nunify has an event app to monitor your event and share updates. Create your own event app without any coding with the app builder. 

  • Add an event wall where people can share their experiences. 
  • Add games and puzzles with the gamification feature. 
  • The built-in gallery inside the event app lets you store all images and videos that you and your attendees share. 
  • The app also comes with venue maps to lead your attendees right where they’re supposed to go. 
  • Decorate the app with customizable icons to stay on brand. 

AI-based networking: Nunify allows attendees to interact within the app. The AI-based matchmaking system finds two complementary profiles with similar interests. You can engage with your match in the discussion rooms – also present within the app. 

  • Branded rooms: Nunify has branded rooms where multiple attendees can chat with each other. The app segments rooms based on topic. Join the topic that you prefer. Enter or leave the conversation whenever you want. 
  • Tables with Topics: A table inside each room contains the topic of discussion. Brand these tables with your company logo to promote your business to attendees. 
  • Gamification: Nunify lets you design engaging games and drives more participation and engagement. Add various games, puzzles, and quizzes for attendees. Conduct contests and give prizes to infuse enthusiasm. 
  • Points for actions: Attendees earn points whenever they complete a task in the game. 
  • Leaderboard: All attendees can see a leaderboard that keeps score. It sorts them based on their performance and shows attendees with the highest points. 
  • Level-ups and Badges: As attendees keep unlocking new levels, they gain badges and earn more points. 

Nunify has easy to use interface which makes it perfect for all business and event organizers. Control your event with the app, entertain attendees, and track engagement with Nunify.


  • In-person event app and onsite check-in: $400/event


Hubilo is one of the best event apps for virtual, hybrid, and in-person events. It has features to facilitate attendee engagement, share both live and pre-recorded videos, event ticketing, and marketing. 

  • Hubilo has powerful engagement tools such as polls, surveys, interactive chats, reactions, and social media integrations. It also has a gamification feature like Nunify to facilitate healthy competition among attendees.
  • It comes with a multi-tier ticketing system with customizable discount codes to help you attract more attendees. 
  • Hubilo has customized features based on the organization. It has categories for Corporations, Associations, EMCs, and Institutions. 
  • Hubilo integrates with tools like Hubspot, Kahoot, Mailchimp, Salesforce, Typeform, and much more to facilitate an end-to-end event experience.
  • Hubilo has customizable dashboards to help you quantify your event strategy. Dive into real-time data from session interactions, polls, surveys, and contests to understand what’s popular among attendees. Share these reports with stakeholders and sponsors to provide an overview of the event’s ROI. 


Custom Packages (contact the sales team)


SpotMe offers event apps and content management for 100-10000+ attendees. It deals with large and mid-size enterprises along with Nonprofit organizations. SpotMe is easy to use as all event management, video production and app-building tools are available within the software. 

  • SpotMe integrates with multiple third-party apps such as Hubspot, Salesforce, Veeva, Marketo, and Rainfocus through a native 2-way connector. 
  • Create your own event website with no-code functionality. The app connects with your marketing and event tech stack to help you create and monitor the whole event within a single platform. 
  • SpotMe provides real-time insights from the event. You gain information about who attended the event, how long did they stay, and how much they engaged with the event. This data fuels your lead generation process. Use this data to determine who to approach as a prospect and whom to follow up on. 
  • SpotMe has ready-to-use event templates with configured navigation, sample designs, and page layouts to launch an event within minutes. Each template comes with a user guide that contains best practices for implementing the template. 


Guidebook is an event management platform for virtual and hybrid events. It lets you stay connected with your attendees and guest whether it’s a virtual or in-person event. Host events of any size with zero complications. 

Features of Guidebook

  • Guidebook is a no-code app builder with drag-and-drop functionality. Anybody can create an app within minutes with any coding background. Customize your app as per your branding guidelines and custom mobile app icons. 
  • Guidebook lets you analyze real-time feedback from attendees when they’re onsite. They instantly share their views on the social feed or polls which helps you understand what they like or dislike. 
  • Guidebook helps you generate maximum revenue from your event with ad display and sponsored posts. Create sponsored sessions for attendees to market your sponsors and bag that revenue. 
  • Guidebook comes with brilliant engagement features such as live polls, Q/As, private messaging, social media integration, and photo sharing. Communicate with your attendees with content updates and push notifications. Guidebook also suggests personalized session recommendations for attendees so they enjoy everything they attend. 


Self-Service: £5 Per unique device per year, billed monthly

Full Service: £2750 annually

Branded App: £4950 annually


Features of Pathable

Pathable lets you connect people through webinars and hybrid and virtual events. Pathable offers cutting-edge technology to plan and promote your event. Attendees can access the event from anywhere on any device. 

  • The mobile app is easy to use for both hosts and attendees. The app builder lets you create the app in no time with no-code functionality. Attendees can view sessions, and conduct private meetings to engage within the app. They can even book a table in the virtual room and use it whenever they like. 
  • Pathable helps you gather real-time data to report the ROI of your event. The exhibitor dashboard monitors metrics like event page views, booth visits, and session attendance. Your stakeholders get access to the event metrics so they monitor performance throughout the event. 
  • The lead tracker lets your sponsors identify people who’ve shown interest in their product. They can take action by exporting details of the prospect and reaching out to them immediately. 
  • Pathable supports both onsite and online registration. Share custom ticket types, promotional codes, and discount coupons with attendees right inside the app. The app monitors real-time registration data to track the number of attendees. 


Custom Pricing

Choose the best event app for your business in 2023

An event app provides you full control of the event. Share pre-recorded videos or stream live from wherever you want. Hook your attendees with engagement tools so they don’t get bored and leave. Use event analytics to measure the ROI of your event.

Nunify combines all these features into one event app. Stop looking any further as the app solves all your event-related problems in no time. Book a demo today to get your virtual event rolling.

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