Features and Samples

Event Setup

  • Create your event from this link
  • Add the Basic info for the event from the Event Details Tab.
  • Save the changes

Setup Multiple Sessions (Locations)

  • Open the Checkins tab from the Active Modules
  • Navigate to Locations
  • Click on Add Location
  • Fill the necessary details for the Location
  • Enable the location to accept checkins by setting the “Can Checkin” option to Green
  • Save Changes

In a similar way you can add multiple locations.

Setup the Checkin App

  • Open the Checkin by AIDA Hub app on your iOS device
  • Choose your event
  • Click on Settings icon present on the top left corner
  • Click on Locations
  • Choose the location from the list for which you are setting up the check in app
  • Select the required checkin mode from Select Mode option
  • Click on Start Check once you are ready to accept checkins

Similarly, you can setup multiple checkins for different sessions (locations) within your event venue.

This marks the end of this article. If you have any questions, please email support@nunify.com & we would be happy to help.

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