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InEvent´s mobile app is essential to create a memorable hybrid event experience, where both in-person attendees feel valued and engaged with the occasion. 

The app´s built-in polling, questions, and native chat features allow people at the event or tuning in virtually to interact with the event´s speakers and organizers within a branded event environment. And the app´s dynamic social feed is effective in building a consistent event community joining both in-person and virtual attendees. 

Notably, the mobile app´s networking feature is a great tool to matchup attendees and encourage business connections. Whether they are attending the event from home or at the venue, people can browse the attendee list according to their interests, privately chat with their favorite contacts, and schedule a 1:1 business meeting afterward. 


Event logistics & travel

As attendees progressively start traveling to event venues again seeking to enjoy the in-person experience, a robust logistics and travel management tool becomes increasingly necessary. 

Using the event mobile app, attendees can access all-in-one digital vouchers including information for shuttles, flights, and hotels. 

Shuttle management allows organizers to upload transfer details to the app so that attendees know exactly when and how to get to the event venue. 

Added to that, you can input information about the hotel in which your event attendee will be staying, including address, check-in, and check-out times. 

Crucially, InEvent´s secure pass and ticketing solution gives attendees access to all travel information, as well as their event tickets, using their individual and encrypted QR Code. 

Event registration, ticketing, and check-in 

Enable a seamless event registration and check-in process with InEvent´s easy-to-use solutions. 

Its event registration offer is user-friendly and eye-catching, making it easy to register and driving attendees through colorful forms and landing pages. 

Manage tickets, billing, and payments all in one platform. And, integrations with PayPal, Wirecard, and Stripe facilitate the buying experience for attendees as well as payment processing for organizers.

Further, the software´s event pass and check-in is an intuitive and simple process. Attendees’ badges are customizable, so you can decide on the fields according to your business needs and choose from plenty of layout options available. 

Distinctively, InEvent´s self-service kiosks are easy to set up and deliver a smooth check-in experience. As attendees arrive at the venue, they can identify themselves using unique QR Codes, emails, or personal IDs and print their badges immediately.  

Event analytics and reports

InEvent´s platform allows instant monitoring of attendee engagement and provides both virtual and in-person attendee analytics within intuitive dashboards. 

On one hand, the virtual lobby provides detailed attendee data covering interactions (comments, polls responses), engagement (average unique live views per session, viewing time per session), networking (messages exchanged, a web of connections), and email statistics (open rates, click-through rates).  

On the other hand, the on-site data collector and wearable NFC bands capture attendee information and engagement statistics in real-time and facilitate post-event follow-ups for those that attended the event in-person. 

Go hybrid the right way with InEvent and deliver outstanding event experiences today.


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