Gartner has released it’s Market Guide for Event Technology Platforms offering up guidance on market direction, analysis and a short list of the vendors represented in the space. Hubb’s all-in-one virtual, hybrid and in-person platform  was featured among others as a leading solution for event planners looking maximize event impact and ROI. 

Key Trends

Several key insights were identified within the report including a huge demand for virtual technologies during the pandemic that led to rapid changes and confusion within the industry. As the dust settles, Gartner predicts that there will be no going back to the event landscape of 2019 but instead a new approach is needed. 

The report found that event planners and marketing departments are focusing more on engagement across in-person, virtual and hybrid events, “Marketing must now deliver engaging attendee experiences in virtual, in-person and hybrid events using comprehensive event technology. Product marketers should match their business requirements to the technology vendors in this research and understand the market to make every event a success.”  

Gartner also reported an increased interest in an all-in-one solution that can handle various event formats including in-person, virtual and hybrid as opposed to procuring one platform for virtual events, one for in-person event support, and so on. Regardless of the format, Gartner identified four primary event technology capabilities that planners need to consider when evaluating a platform. They include:

Attendee Management
Content Management
Reporting and Analytics
Customer Support

Hubb’s award-winning all-in-one platform covers these core capabilities and much more. We have over 6 years of experience, supporting over 200 organizations with more than 3 million users. Our deep industry experience has allowed us to stay ahead of the curve and offer a platform that can be your single source of truth across virtual, in-person and hybrid events.

Why You Need Hubb

Our platform not only includes attendee management, content management and reporting and analytics across digital, in-person and hybrid events, we also provide a registration solution, 1:1 meeting management, a mobile app experience and dedicated portals for sponsors and exhibitors.

Whether you are new to Hubb or if it’s been awhile since you experienced our platform, we’d love to show you our latest capabilities. You can schedule a strategic consultation and demo with one of our event experts and begin to build your integrated event strategy.

What the Future Holds

Gartner “expects to see investments in product roadmaps with a focus on capabilities that improve on delivering immersive,
engaging experiences. For example, technology marketers seek capabilities that enable virtual event
attendees to engage with one another by breaking into one-to-one meetings in real time.” For us, the future is now, as hundreds of our customers are already leveraging our platform to provide immersive, engaging and interactive experiences for their event attendees. We’d love to count you among them.

Learn more about Gartner’s take on overall market direction and analysis by reading the full report here and read more about our all-in-one solution at


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