The word “agency” gets used frequently but can be difficult to define pin down exactly what one means when they say the word. What makes an agency different from a regular business is that an agency is a group of people working towards a common goal for their clients. Whether it’s marketing, sales, event management, etc, they work collectively to achieve the outcomes their clients require.

An agency usually has a single area in which they specialize in and work with different businesses which require that skill. Agencies have varying characteristics such as size, structure, and goals.

The structure of agencies can benefit from virtual events since it can connect teams, boost client acquisition, build networks, provide analytics, and boost ROI. As per a Forester 2021 study, 63% marketing leaders say they plan to conduct “the same number or more” virtual events in 2022. 

Let’s take a look into what some common type of agencies

To provide some additional understanding, we’ve listed some brief examples of agencies to see examples.

Recruitment Agencies – These agencies are used for matching employees with employers.

Advertising Agencies – Used to provide advertising services for a business.

Event Management Agencies – Whether it’s a wedding or speaking engagement, event agencies focus on the organization of a major event.

Digital Marketing Agencies – Any type of digital marketing can be represented under an agency, offering numerous services.

PR Agencies – PR (Public Relations) means a company handles your personal and public brand.

An agency can fit various situations, not solely what we have listed. The use of agency can be expanded to different industries.

Now we’ll look at the many ways by which virtual event can benefit agencies

Connect Internal Teams

Agencies like other companies are made of a group of individuals, often working as remote teams. Virtual events tend to be icebreakers for meeting and interacting with other employees.

When teams are remote it can be difficult to unify and set common goals your agency. Virtual events can be a way to unite your team and set a common vision, no matter where people live or work from. 

Mobile event apps are a great starting point boost employee engagement, improve internal communications and gauge work satisfaction.

Find New Clients

Agencies can connect with clients better through virtual technology instead of using the phone to build stronger trust. Using virtual technology allows agencies to see and interact with clients face-to-face.

Events are a proven mechanism for agencies to showcase their competence and attract new clients. With virtual events, agencies can invite potential clients from all over the world and showcase their expertise.

Virtual events are more cost-effective to run. So an agency can many more events and individualize each event per industry- for example, as an agency, you can host virtual events for each sector you work with (one for travel agencies and another for employment agencies – make specific events for each group).

Reduce costs

Relying on virtual events is a way for agencies to reduce costs Virtual events can be more affordable and be done remotely with smaller teams. Reduced costs also allow agencies to run many more events targeting more diverse customer base that they were able to before

Keep up with Tech Trends

Utilizing virtual events puts an agency in the elite list of agencies which are quick to adopt latest tech trends. Lots of traditional agencies take a lot of time to adapt and adopt emerging technologies. Using virtual events signals a high degree of competence and tech-savvyness top clients expect from their agencies

Investing in selecting and learning a quality platform for virtual events will speak volumes to your clients about your agencies competence and their ability to deliver in today’s rapidly changing tech driven business landscape. 

Show Quantifiable Results

If agencies use virtual events for marketing, training, or connecting teams, whatever their needs are, using virtual events enables the ability to collect metrics and use them to improve future events.

These metrics can help navigate future investments or promotions. There are endless possibilities when you can use the analytics from virtual events to drive the future of your sales and marketing efforts.

Virtual events provides concrete traceable metrics  that can be mapped your goals.It also helps improve campaigns over time since you can spot mistakes and mishaps in the aftermath analysis.

Perform Data Research & Market research

If you want extensive research done about an industry that you are interested in, virtual events are the best way to do it. Investing in an engaging virtual event can help collected polls, statistics, and data that can be used to help curve your business or marketing initiatives since all attendees will be within your field

You can segregate data if you hold events that are separate by their industry. You can focus on each demographic to collect concentrated data.

You can use all the information collected from a virtual event to leverage future strategies.

Build Your Network

Even if you don’t make a connections during the event, the attendees list (and those that signed-up) will become strong leads to target in the future. It’s a way to garnish lead generation with stronger leads versus normal cold calling.

You can use features on virtual platforms that allow for networking opportunities. It allows you to schedule meet & greets or organize private gatherings. With the right platform, you can use AI matchmaking technology to connect like-minded individuals to encourage connections and networking.

Final Thoughts

Agencies are different from typical business models and therefore, require very specific needs to grow and expand. Several such needs are satisfied by using virtual events for growth, increased revenue, expansion to multiple geographies, fostering diversity, etc.

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