This may have been a monumental year where you were meant to celebrate a 20 or 30 or milestone class reunion. While social media has helped to keep many of us in touch, there are many people who are still wanting to reach out even more so due to everyone being quarantined. While we may not be able to meet in person, planning a virtual class reunion is a great alternative. With a bit of creativity and planning, you can host this successful virtual event. Here are some tips for a great virtual class reunion:

How to plan a virtual class reunion party | Sendo #highschoolreunion #reunioninvitations #sendomatic

Pick a platform that is easiest for everyone

We would recommend Zoom as its easy to use and easy to install. This platform offers a great user-friendly way of getting everyone together and providing the tools that you need to ensure a successful event. You can even break up into smaller groups if your RSVP list begins to be large.

How to plan a virtual class reunion party | Sendo #highschoolreunion #reunioninvitations #sendomatic

Choose a theme

A themed virtual event makes the party more festive! Pick a theme and have your participants figure out a way to incorporate that theme. What movie was popular when you graduated? Back to the future? Have everyone dress up as a character from the movie. Maybe is dressing up as your favorite musical artist of the year that you graduated. This is a fun ice breaker for the party.

How to plan a virtual class reunion party | Sendo #highschoolreunion #reunioninvitations #sendomatic

Send out virtual reunion invitations to help promote the party

Choose from our wonderful reunion virtual invitations here Sendo Invitations. Send them out virtually and make sure you get an RSVP count. Depending on the amount that RSVP, you can choose ways to keep the party going and what platform will work best.

Keep the party going with some games or trivia

Sometimes it can become a bit awkward on a virtual meeting with people you haven’t seen for a while. To keep the conversation flowing by doing a fun trivia where people can guess fun answers about their time at school. Questions like, “Who won homecoming queen senior year?” or “Which high school prank was the best?” can help people live nostalgically for a moment.  You quiz them on world events that were happening during the year that you graduated.  Maybe a winner gets a gift card to Amazon!

How to plan a virtual class reunion party | Sendo #highschoolreunion #reunioninvitations #sendomatic

Pick a signature drink

While we can’t get together for a couple of drinks in person, you can definitely still have fun with coming up with a signature drink. Make up a name such as your school mascot’s name and send everyone the list of ingredients and directions to make. This is a great way to help make everyone feel a bit more cohesive and part of the party!

How to plan a virtual class reunion party | Sendo #highschoolreunion #reunioninvitations #sendomatic

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