As we reimagine events (for example, no longer confined to physical conference centers), audiences (no longer just the folks with resources, and temperament, to attend in-person events), and sponsorships (way more than just branded keychains and folks showing up to hold down a booth at a tradeshow), we must also envision a new, better path for marketing events. Fortunately, we have more data, more apps, and more tools at our disposal to help us be brighter, shinier, and more successful than ever.

This includes turning FOMO, the fear of missing out, to our advantage. To put it bluntly, FOMO sucks. It’s anxiety producing for the person experiencing it, and it’s frustrating for those around them, unable to fully grasp the attention of the person who feels compelled to constantly monitor their email, texts, social media feeds, and apps.

But considered through a positive lens, it’s okay to create incentives that people don’t want to miss. You can (smartly and sanely) use FOMO to your advantage. Our Untethered Future of Marketing Circle shared some of their best tips for our Future of Marketing Chapter; here’s a sneak peek, before you download the full e-book, of how to create positive FOMO.

Connect a gift to an action that benefits everyone.

Encourage early registration by offering a gift to those who sign up by a deadline. In that gift, include instructions to access special pages on the virtual event platform or to post to social media to earn gamification points—or just to show their excitement for the event.

Make it special.

Create excitement for participation by programming VIP events and sessions that are open only to attendees who meet criteria of your choosing. Again, maybe there is an incentive for people to register early. Or you could create tiered packages, with exclusive sessions for higher-level tickets. One more idea: Allow early registrants to get exclusive access to an in-person “tour guide” who can show the attendee around the site. (This could also be a great sponsorship opportunity!)

ITNMO—incentivized to not miss out—doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue like FOMO does, but we sure like it better. It’s great if people are excited to take action related to your event, and fanning that fervor is part of your job as an events professional. Consider this an opportunity to be positive, and positivity will return to you in the form of registered participants who are eagerly anticipating your event. Learn more by downloading the Future of Marketing Chapter.


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