Interactio is a leading remote solutions platform providing real-time multilingual interpretation services for remote or hybrid meetings.

Interactio combines remote simultaneous interpretation and a remote participant system, connecting up to 2,000 participants in a virtual room with an unlimited number of languages.

Connected on an interactive panel via desktop or mobile device, attendees can exchange ideas in a live chat, cast votes, and show essential information through a screen sharing function.

Interactio has been used to interpret and stream over 26,000 events since its launch in 2014.


✨Our vision

We believe that every person should be able to converse in their preferred language.

Seeing how language can change perception in united congregation communities, we set on a journey to destroy language barriers in business meetings, governmental sessions, and conferences.

Our mission is to build bridges to limitless knowledge. 

⭐ We offer the ultimate multilingual meetings solution

➡️ Certified interpreters for any language

We match you with a certified, technically trained remote simultaneous interpreter. Both with respect to your budget and industry topic.

➡️ Hybrid integration with hardware equipment

On top of our fully remote solutions, we can also integrate Interactio’s remote interpreting services to any video conferencing equipment onsite.

➡️ Dedicated support for all needs

We support you from the early preparation stage to the last minute of your meeting with dedicated project management and technical support.

⭐ We are trusted by numerous clients

Interactio works with the world’s largest institutions such as European Parliament, European Commission, United Nations as well as corporates, including BMW, JP Morgan and Microsoft.

In 2020 alone, the company hosted 18,000+ meetings with 390,000 listeners in more than 70 countries. 

Learn what customers say about us on Trustpilot.

⭐ Want to learn more about how we work?

Download our app and try Interactio by entering the event code “DEMO”

For Android:

For iOS:

Contact Details:
+ 1 831 777 4441 (US)
+ 44 1644 717778 (EU)

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