Are you finding it difficult to create the perfect event invitation email?

Have you spent countless hours writing, deleting, reviewing, and editing, all in an effort to increase registration rates?

After all, your event invitation email is the first communication your audience receives about your event, and you want it to make a great impression.

As someone who has been in the same position, I understand just how frustrating and nerve-wracking it can be. Thus, I would like to share my past experiences and effective techniques with you.

I’ve structured this article so you can easily jump to the section that’s most relevant to you, whether it’s event email subject lines, invitation email examples, best practices, or an event invitation email template.

Catchy Event Email Subject lines

Email Subject lines are so critical, yet always overlooked.

Did you know 47% email recipients will open an email based on subject line while 69% will report SPAM based on your subject line – Source.

Hence do not rush when crafting your email’s subject line. Take your time to create an attention-grabbing one. To help you with this, I have listed my 5 mantras that I have successfully used

  1. I keep the subject line to 6-10 words
  2. You should create FOMO – either time sensitive or create a sense of exclusivity
  3. Include personal name – You will automatically see a huge jump in open rates
  4. I use emojis, but only if its relevant
  5. Add a fact or historical statistics

This is a list of event email subject lines that I have come across and continuously update.

  • Unlock the secret to [Your Event’s objective]
  • [First Name], don’t miss out on early bird tickets for [Event edition] – ends tonight
  • Reserved for you, [First Name]- Be the first to register to win prizes
  • [Product Launch] alert : New features and exciting updates – Register now
  • Your Exclusive Invite [First Name] to [Event Name]
  • You’re invited to our flagship event ✉️
  • You’re invited to a groundbreaking event on [Your Event’s objective]
  • Join us for [Event name] in [time until event]. We’re pumped! – Are you ?
  • We’re thrilled to invite you to [Event name]. You won’t want to miss it! 😉
  • The wait is over [First Name], for [Event name] [Year] – Register now

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