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Do you ever meet someone and find yourself immediately drawn to their way of thinking? Well, that’s pretty much the long and short of the story behind how this Paid vs. Free Virtual Event debate came together! I met Arianna and realized “oh my goodness – we have the perfect energy to collaborate!”

And that’s what we did. As I learned about Matchbox Virtual and their solution, I realized we had an amazing chance to add value for each other.

When we first met, Snöball had recently launched, and together, we worked on a marketing campaign for Matchbox’s first ever virtual conference. The premise was elegant: Snöball empowers your audience to work as influencer-marketers for us by creating a scalable, ready-to-share and personalized event marketing toolkit while Matchbox delivers a best-in-class virtual event experience with incredible attendee engagement. 

The most compelling virtual events work to bring communities together, create knowledge through collaboration and connect audiences by developing meaningful relationships. That’s why we’re the perfect fit – our mindsets are the same. 

And because of how well we work together, Arianna and I have stayed connected over the years to continue to innovate and explore new ways to bring meaningful value to the virtual event space. We were recently talking about the current unanimous shift to marketing virtual events, and I stumbled upon what turned out to be the question on everyone’s mind:

Pricing strategy is such an important concern, and there seems to be an emerging debate around whether or not to charge for virtual events.

That’s when the magic found us again. It was the perfect way to collaborate: a virtual event designed to explore monetization strategies, coupled with the back-and-forth of a head-to-head debate. Attendees would be captivated, knowledge would be shared and we would create an incredible experience to answer the biggest question in virtual events. 

And there was born: The Great Debate: Paid vs. Free Virtual Events Registrations

Though every step of the way, we worked hand-in-hand to bring each part of the virtual event to life.  Matchbox’s main focus was on the event design and production, and Snöball’s main focus was on putting together a kick ass pre-to-post event marketing plan, as well as building a curated playbook that attendees could walk away with.

So take a look behind the scenes in Matchbox’s upcoming blog post! Arianna will take you behind the scenes to explore each and every step of the process, while hopefully giving you some new things to consider at your virtual event. 

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