As an event manager, you have your checklists honed to perfection, and you may not think you need another one. Well, as pros in the same boat as you, allow us to gently remind you about a little thing called COVID-19. A year and a half into this pandemic and we’re all still learning how to deal with its impact on our events.

We’ve only recently seen a return to live events. Safety protocols for them vary by state and can change without notice based on regional case counts and hospitalization rates. Within this state of perpetual change and uncertainty, almost every event will also have a digital or virtual component. To stay safe and sane as you plan for digital events, it helps to follow standardized best practices as you move through the planning phase.

Why do you need another checklist?

Because there’s always room for improvement and we’ve encountered a lot of opportunities to do so over the past year. We all have one goal—produce successful events, virtual, on-site, and hybrid—and we know how to get there.

In this checklist, we’ll run through everything you can do on your own to thoroughly test and prepare your digital event for success. While speaker training and live stream rehearsals are incredibly important, this checklist will focus on testing your event platform.

We’re confident you’ll make use of this checklist because we ourselves have, and we’ve been at this digital thing for a while. If you’re just starting out, allow us to be your friendly guide. For veterans, we took the time to weed through all the “Argh! There’s so much to do and remember!” items that echo around every event management team – and we share some additional pro tips you may not have considered. For instance, have you checked your site with a common ad blocker installed? Some of your attendees will likely be using them.

Hubb streamlines otherwise time-consuming processes, boosts engagement while mining profitable insights, and powers high-impact, immersive, and personalized experiences for everyone at your event—your attendees, speakers, and sponsors. Let us offer you a bit of that power right now, in this checklist.


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