June marks the start of summer as well as Pride Month! Cities like São Paulo, Amsterdam, New York, and San Francisco have become famous for their annual Pride Parades, which are filled with music, dancing, and rainbow flags. But revelry isn’t the only way for LGBTQ+ folks and allies to celebrate — there are all kinds of fun ways to weave the history and significance of pride into your events.

Here’s a look at some Eventbrite creators whose Pride events are making us proud.

You can’t go wrong with a party

There’s no doubt that a parade is the most iconic kind of Pride Month event. The first Pride parade was a civil rights protest, but these days most parades are a celebration of history and community.

Major cities like New York, Johannesburg, and Tel Aviv already host Pride parades, but there’s nothing to say a Pride parade can’t take place in a smaller town or neighborhood. Once the parade is over, consider planning a Pride party to cap off the day.

Put on your own parade

Organizing your hometown’s official — or unofficial — Pride parade is an ambitious but ever-popular way to go. Houston’s Pride parade begins in the heart of the city at City Hall and includes DJs, fun zones, and sponsorship from Bud Light, among others.

When planning a parade, you’ll definitely need to coordinate with local officials for any street closures and necessary permits. It’s also a good idea to work with local LGBTQ+ organizations to gain their support and participation. If your town doesn’t have a local branch, try contacting the regional or national office of organizations like Stonewall or the Human Rights Campaign.

Relive — or rewrite — memories at a Pride prom

A Pride prom lets your attendees get nostalgic — but may also give them a chance to relive prom night in a more inclusive, accepting environment. The theme of Lilburn Pride Inc’s pride prom in Lilburn, Georgia is Once Upon a PRIDE. A photographer will be there to capture keepsake photos of guests living it up in their fancy attire.

Whether they go solo or with a partner, people will love a chance to dress to the nines and dance the night away to a DJ spinning classic beats. Be sure to provide refreshments and plenty of branded photo-ops to raise awareness about your brand.

Take Pride in your dance moves

There’s no better way to celebrate than with dancing. Creator Cecil Russell’s 5th Annual Hot Tea

in San Francisco will spotlight six different DJs, with sponsorship from Tito’s Vodka and other big names.

All you need is a beat and a dance floor and you’re ready for a dance party. Having a Pride-themed event will attract a crowd, particularly if you team up with other local organizations that are also celebrating Pride. Up your event’s fun factor with lighting effects, snacks, and cocktails to keep people dancing into the night.

Get out there with a Pride bar crawl

Long after the parade is over, invite your community to go out on the town with a themed bar crawl. Top Shelf Crawls is hosting Pride Bar Crawls in various cities where the revelers enjoy souvenir beads and no cover charge at the city’s hottest bars.

If you’re planning your own crawl, contact local bars to see about arranging drink specials or deals on appetizers. You might be surprised how willing bar and pub owners are to offer specials when they know a sizable crowd is coming. Don’t forget to look out for your guests’ safety — plan a walkable (or crawl-able) route or encourage guests to take an Uber or Lyft.

Inspire with educational and cultural events

Thinking you might want your event to feature something more on the educational or cultural side? If you consider the rich history and cultural contributions of the LGBTQ+ community, there are opportunities for Pride events related to human rights, literature and culture, and more.

Know what you’re celebrating

The fight for gay rights and marriage equality has come a long way, but the struggle for LGBTQ+ equality across the board is ongoing. San Francisco’s Committee on LGBT History, San Francisco State University, and the GLBT Historical Society are hosting a queer history conference that brings together historians, scholars, and activists to discuss past events and future possibilities.

Teach your community about landmark events like New York’s Stonewall riots in 1969 or the fight for gay marriage in the US. Or, look at the issues that face queer and trans communities in the modern day. Invite scholars or local organizers to talk about the past, present, and future of the Pride movement and inspire your community to continue driving change.

Give back to the community

Even with recent civil rights victories, LGBTQ+ communities continue to face discrimination, hardship, and violence. Make a contribution to your community and raise awareness of important issues with a benefit or fundraising event.

Victoria Bohmore’s “Let’s Celebrate Pride” benefit brunch in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia will do just that. The event includes a drag show and a DJ, with proceeds going to Fairness West Virginia, a local civil rights organization.

Celebrate creative talent

Celebrate Pride on the big screen with a film festival or other cultural event. Muskoka Pride’s Queer Film Festival was held as a virtual event online via Facebook, meaning anyone around the world with an internet connection could join in.

Consider highlighting the achievements of groundbreaking LGBTQ+ directors, actors, and icons. Or, encourage creativity in your community by putting on a short film contest or art show that lets local makers show off their talents.

Get out in nature

Since Pride takes place in June, it’s prime time to get outside. Give your community a chance to enjoy nature with their friends and family away from all the noise and glitter of a Pride parade.

The Clay Pit Ponds State Park Preserve on Staten Island, New York is hosting a Pride Outside! event that includes a two-mile trail hike amidst the beautiful woods. Participants can enjoy spending time together and taking in the local scenery. Consider adding a picnic or barbeque to your outdoor event for guests to relax and make new friends.

Plan an event you’re proud of

There are a ton of Pride Month celebration ideas out there. Choose one that makes sense for your community and target audience, and look for opportunities to pair with local sponsors or organizations to expand your reach.

Whatever format you choose, Eventbrite makes it easy to organize your event. You can sell tickets and track registrations, and market smarter with Boost.

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