Wowing minds. Quirking eyebrows. This list does it all.

We generated some pretty great ideas at hybrid technology workshops way back during our Design-a-thon in March. Now you get to use them to transform your next event by getting attendees excited and interacting! Here are six to get you started—but we don’t think you’ll stop with these six.

1. Offer valuable content, and you won’t lose your audience.

People are not afraid to walk out of (or click out of) a session that doesn’t grab and hold on. So, make your sessions binge worthy. Give them a story they don’t want to close the cover on. Encourage conversations as meaningful as the ones we’ve all had that stretch into the night—when we’re yawning but refuse to go to bed because the connections being made are just too good.

2. Let us watch.

If reality TV has taught us anything, it’s that we will pay with both our time and our subscription fees to watch other humans do anything and everything—compete in epic tasks (that leave us in awe) or just argue (not even skillfully) with each other. Involve roving reporters to help your audience experience the event through the perspective of another person. Host small-group happy hours. Just remember that your online guests and your in-person guests will experience formats differently.

3. Invite betas.

As much as we like to watch other humans, we also like others to pay attention to us. We want our opinions to matter to the group—especially the perceived leaders. So, during pre-event registration, incentivize people to act as beta testers in the weeks leading up to the event. You’ll gain valuable insight, and they’ll become your most accepting, most enthusiastic cheerleaders, supporting other audience members to participate fully in the event.

4. Act together.

Nothing connects people like action. Get virtual and on-site groups working together on a project that gives back to the community. Do good while allowing participation—even positive competition—across the digital divide.

5. Think experientially.

Being playful, with prizes, is a great way to spice up an event, but consider having people compete for an experience rather than a bauble. And if that experience is a one-on-one session with a top executive or influencer, everyone involved gets something, maybe even for the long term!

6. Go for a Super Bowl ring.

And, of course, remember that when you host a hybrid event, you are trying to connect with a particularly diverse audience. Some people are in person, and some are online. Use the Super Bowl as a model for your hybrid event. There’s an on-site audience at the stadium, a remote audience watching it from home, and satellite opportunities at bars and pubs. How does the NFL keep all those people in all those places engaged in the same event? Put that answer to work for your hybrid event.

Want to know more about all the big ideas that came out of Untethered NYC? Yeah, you do. Download the Hybrid Tech Ideas Guide. And then don’t miss the next Untethered—registration for the next Studio Tour  is now open.



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