Event apps are the present and future of the event tech industry!

A decade ago, event apps emerged as a digital tool to save organizers from the cumbersome task of printing event agendas and schedules. Fast forward to the present, event apps have become a vital addition to any event, regardless of whether it is an in-person, virtual or hybrid event. Today, event apps have dynamic features to help you, from marketing to hosting your event to collecting real-time data. 

Selecting the best event app builder is crucial to creating dynamic and engaging event mobile apps. Thus, this article talks about 10 cutting-edge features to look for in event app builders to create the best event app for your event.

What is an event mobile app?

An event mobile app is a software application integrated into an event to be the chief communication channel for event organizers, sponsors, speakers, and attendees. It is a total event management solution that increases attendee engagement and satisfaction. As a result, event apps also play a role in boosting the event ROI.

10 Cutting-Edge Features to Look For in An Event App Builder

Here are the 10 must-have features you should look for in an event app builder to ensure the best event mobile app for your events:

  1. No Code App Builder

A no-code app builder lets you build iOS or Android apps quickly and effortlessly, even if you lack technical skills. The customization options available in these builders enable you to rebrand and redesign to suit your brand colors and requirements. 

They have a drag and drop interface to add or remove features and rename or reorder menus instantly. Apps built using these are unique and never alike as they don’t follow the traditional cookie-cutter approach. 

  1. Multi-device Administration

An app builder that allows multi-device administration lets you administer and make changes in the app, either from a mobile or laptop. An in-app mobile admin can manage actions like sending out polls for quick debates moderating different speaker sessions and sending push notifications. 

Since these apps don’t always require a laptop to function, making frequent and last-minute changes to the app can be done conveniently through mobile phones.

  1. Real-Time App Preview

The real-time app preview feature lets you preview changes and updates made in the app live. It enables you to test your app, finetune the look and feel, and make quick edits before launching the app on the app store.

The app preview feature also allows your team to leverage features of the app for various purposes. For example, you can use it for data collection, audits, and inspection even before officially launching the app.

  1. Enterprise-Grade Security

Enterprise-grade security is a fundamental feature you should look for in an event app builder. This feature lets you store and secure attendee details without worrying about third-party organizations or hackers. In addition, data stored in the database is encrypted, and hence it offers extra protection against security vulnerabilities.

  1. Collaborators and Role-Based Access

Role-based access is a data protection system to control the way your team handles data based on their roles and responsibilities. For instance, you can add collaborators and assign them exclusive roles related to app building like handling the designs, managing the content, or accessing the analytics is made simple with helpful collaborators. 

Role-based access compliments the enterprise-grade security system by ensuring another layer of protection for the sensitive data on the event app.

  1. Easy and Safe Payments

PCI compliant payment integrations in event apps drive event registrations with ease because it lets registrants pay money securely and hassle-free. Payment solutions like Stripe follow the 12 security standard regulations set by the PCI and ensure the protection of merchant data. 

In addition, a Stripe payment gateway helps you track payments instantly as it sends out notifications whenever someone pays.

  1. Integrations

Seamless app integration allows data transfer between your event app and third-party apps. It is an indispensable feature of any event app builder as it saves you from the manual transfer of data across different apps. The greater the number of integration options available, the greater the functionality of your event app. So ensure that the event app builder you pick can integrate with your existing software systems, like your CRM or Email Marketing tool.

  1. 24X7 Support and Assistance

Support and assistance from event app builders in building the app, conducting an event, and analytics collection are necessary for a successful event. A good event app builder offers support and assistance to its customers 24X7 through various channels. On-demand tutorials, email and phone support, on-site support, and event app setup assistance are the types of aid you should seek from event app builders.

  1. Easy Content Updates

A significant task involved in event app building is populating the event app with relevant content. Hence, an easy content addition process is integral for a smooth event app-building experience. 

Uploading excel sheets with event schedules, speaker profiles, exhibitor lists, and sponsor details through the backend is the quickest and most efficient way to add content. It also ensures that the changes made in the app get reflected live without any delay.

  1. Launchable Inside an Event App Container

During the event app building process, constant content addition and updates happen. But getting these changes approved after the app is launched in app stores is a long-winding and challenging process. 

You should go for event app creators that let you launch inside the event app container to avoid this. This ensures you get the liberty to make changes to the app content as and when required, even after the app launch. For example, last-minute changes in the event schedule, speaker profiles, etc., can be done instantly without extra effort or delay.

Now that you know the best features you should look for in an event app builder to create the best event app, what are you waiting for? Build your dream event app today!

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